Why You Should Hire Robert Mitchell

Why Should You Hire Me as Your Attorney?

I have no problem with conflict and aggressive litigation. As a lawyer, I know my clients look to me to lead their cause, and I don’t shrink from it.

I have been practicing law more than two decades as a Phoenix securities lawyer. I and my firm are A-V rated by Martindale Hubbell – the highest peer based rating nationally for lawyers. This rating is based upon confidential surveys of lawyers and judges. I am also listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, Arizona’s Finest Lawyers and in Who’s Who in American Law.

I have no problem with conflict and aggressive litigation. There are a lot of people that do not like conflict, avoid it, and unfortunately some of them have law degrees. That is not a good combination for an effective litigation attorney. I know my clients look to me to lead their cause, and I don’t shrink from it.

I am an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist. I was tutored that way years ago to be a perfectionist by my mentors at a national law firm I worked when I first became a lawyer, and I just do not know how to practice law otherwise.

I provide 24 hour access and availability. My clients have my numbers, e-mail addresses, and feel welcome to call me day or night or weekends when they want to speak with me. Legal matters can cause anxiety, and I know that clients are comforted by the ability to reach their lawyer when they need or simply want to discuss their legal matter.

We use the latest technology. This makes our work quicker, better, and often less expensive. At our office we have a large investment in multiple digital copiers that copy, scan, e-mail, and do many functions. At our office, all documents we get from our clients, opposing parties, and the court are scanned and labeled into our server. So, if you call me at the office, at home, or anywhere else, I have instant access, through my lap top computer or iPad, to any letter, pleading, contract, draft, or other document you want to discuss. I can actually pull it up in front of me quicker than if I were in the file room going to retrieve the actual paper document from your file. Another area where I believe we are cutting edge is our computerized legal research services. We spend thousands of dollars on extensive subscriptions to Lexis/Nexis, and other services, and have access to all of the broadest sources of legal authority throughout the country. This is a great advantage to our clients. Our sophisticated phone system helps your messages get to me wherever I am day or night.

I am respected by other attorneys and law firms in town. It is important that your attorney have credibility. After nearly a quarter century of active law practice I have earned respect in the legal community. That helps when I am trying to negotiate a successful solution to your legal matter.

I care about my clients. It shows. My clients’ concerns are my concerns. My clients’ goals are my goals. Your legal matter or case becomes our legal matter or case. You will immediately sense my commitment to your matter.
If you have questions regarding a possible legal matter, or to arrange for a consultation concerning your legal matter, please contact Robert Mitchell at rdm@tblaw.com or at (602) 452-2730.
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